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May the odds be ever in your favor. 

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Sorry for being so horribly unactive again lately. I have a lot of exams right now and need to study tons so I don’t have a lot of time for tumblr at the moment. I promise to be back, soon, though!

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the bookmad woman strikes again. hide your children. lock your doors. call for help.

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ostentatious-s Oh guys you're just to awesome and your blog as well, I have to be your aussie friend!!! I am deeply deeply in love with your tumblr!

Thanks a lot, haha. And your blog and photography is super amazing, too, actually, and I think I just followed you with my primary blog? Have an awesome day!

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May Book Haul 

I bought a new pile of books again even tho i still have another more pile of tbr but hey just…. dont judge… okay

I was supposed to buy the HoO series but they dont have a stock so these wonderful babies made up for it *winks* hahaha loljk 

Now, THIS is what happy looks like :)

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000016 (by *dapple dapple)

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So, I went to see the The Fault in Our Stars movie last week, and…

it was actually pretty good. Sure, they changed some things and left some things out - I would have loved a bit more screen-time for Isaac to be honest and (*)-, but nothing too bad. It all went a bit fast towards the end, I think, and I somehow thought the beginning was a bit overly… dramatic? I don’t know. But overall, I really liked it, and that says something because I’m rather picky with movie-adaptions and I absolutely loved the book.

(*) More complete, spoilery thingy ahead, I think? Like, nothing crucial but yeah.

it was so weird that Hazel’s swing set just sort of disappeared without explanation? Like, she and Augustus talk about it but never even mention wanting to give it away or anything and in the end she and Isaac just sit where the swing set was and it was gone. That was weird. Of course it was also a bit sad to not have Caroline Mathers, Gus’s sisters and especially Kaitlyn in the movie because I felt like they gave the whole thing a bit more depth (like, there are more people in this world besides those two teenagers in love) but of course I understand that it would have probably been too much to be put into movie, especially Caroline.
I liked the flashbacks of Hazel being sick when she was younger, they were pretty well done I think, except for the one where she talks about showing a nine instead of a ten on the pain-scala this one time in the hospital, and you see a smiling girl lying in a neat hospital bed holding up nine fingers. Like, duh, you’re obviously not in pain at all. I occasionally felt like this with Hazel and Gus, too, they just didn’t seem very sick at all, but more like… well, healthy people who with tubes in their noses, pretending to limp. I’m pretty sure you could see the outline of Gus’s leg occasionally, too, when you weren’t actually supposed to. But yeah.

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Hi guys! I’m currently (still) reading Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett and I’m absolutely loving it. It’s my first book by him, and I definitely plan on reading more - but I was wondering, which one should I read next? Should I just start with the first Discoworld novel and read them in order or is there another book in the series that is somehow connected to Monstrous Regiment that I should read next? Is there a book in the series that is widely regarded as The Best so I should check that one out?
Well, I don’t know, as you see I’m a bit overwhelmed by having started this super long series rather towards the end of the yet published books. I’m sure there are a lot of fans out there who could help me out a bit though? I would really appreciate it!

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