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I am so very bored so I decided to share with you a bunch of vaguely extremly stupid photos of my and the book I am (still) currently reading. Enjoy!

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I finished another book so it’s time for another Blind Book Giveaway!

What the winner will receive all wrapped up in a cute little package!

So that’s it, simple as that! All you gotta do is reblog and cross your fingers! 

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Books & Cupcakes March Book Photo Challenge

Day 19: Author

James Dashner. He is becoming one of my new favorite authors.

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Hi! *waves* Welcome back :)
Hi and thanks! :) *Waves back*
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April Book Photo Challenge Day 04: 1990s

Here are the books in my tbr that were published on the 90s. Guess who’s going to be reading a lot of Terry Pratchett this summer! (me)

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April Book Photo Challenge: Day 3

Spring     A colorful book on beautiful spring day (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews)

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Also, I don’t want to use this blog for pathetic advertising but one post is okay I guess I now have an instagram. It’s not particularly reading-centered, just photos from my daily life, but since books are really important to me, you’ll obviously find a few pictures of them, too. Like, check it out if you want to (you don’t have to, of course, it’s really not all that great), and if you want me to check out yours, shoot me a message since I follow very little people on there yet.

Also, I promise this will be the only instagram-post I will make on here, so don’t worry, I won’t spam you with it.

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